The First Days

ProfileThe start to the new school year has been filled with good energy. We are all excited! I know most of the returning students and I already have a base of experience with my students and families. The greetings are warm and the anticipation of good things to come is high.

I enjoy teaching, but at the end of the year last year (and every year) I was tired in May. My students were tired. We were all ready for a good long break. The summer could not come soon enough. It was interesting to me that after two weeks of break I was already thinking about my students and my classroom again (a little). By the end of the summer, I was itching to get back into the classroom. There was a clear cycle of rest, rejuvenation, and reset for the new school year.

I gather that my students went through the same process. On the first day I watched the hugs, and giddy laughter, exchange of surprised looks at the new haircuts, clothes, and physical growth. (What do these kids eat during the summer? My… how you have grown!)

The first minutes and hours working with my students was filled with laughter, silliness, and serious expectation, for the school year ahead. We kept it light and fun but they know what to expect in the coming weeks and months. They seem ready.

The goodwill and generosity of spirit at Lincoln Community School is as high this year as I have ever seen it anywhere. I wish our world leaders could see these early days and could watch how the community bonds around our mission to educate these students. I think they would be filled will the same goodwill and generosity of spirit that we are.

It is good to begin a year on a high note filled with hope. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish this year!



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Andrew Richardson

Andy teaches IB MYP Design and Humanities at Lincoln Community School in Accra Ghana. He is a husband to Lisa and father to two teenage boys who love the adventure in life. You can also find Andy on Twitter @pandiononline, and Instagram @pandiononline

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